Betty la Fea or Ugly Society

During the 2020 Coronavirus Lockdown I’ve watched the original Colombian soap opera ” Yō soy betty la Fea” by Fernando Gaitán and the American Verson ” Ugly betty” which has had many other international adaptations. 

Watching both international adaptations of Colombia and the American version of Ugly betty they are both the same, but it shows two countries society’s perspective of everyday life.

If you watch the first episode you see both similarities where betty is looking for a job after graduating college, but you notice how everyone looked down at betty because her appearance.

In the original first adaption of ” Yō Soy Betty La Fea” takes mainly in Bogota, Colombia. She graduated from college with economics and finances. In the first episode, she is going for a job interview, yet you see she was treated differently compared to her and the models and , antagonist character Patricia Fernández, who doesn’t have experience in working at all, yet they treat Patricia different compared to betty.

Armando Mendoza, is a incompetent playboy with a scheme to turn a huge profit as the new president of Eco Moda. Betty the ecomomic wizard ( she’s in love with him) helps Armando deceive the board of directors as he loses money.


In the American Version takes places in Queen, New York. She studied being an editor at Queen College. She lands in a job with trendy- fashion magazine and because of her unusual fashion choice and her physical appearance people looked down at her at her first day at work.

Yet throughout the show , they make sarcastic remarks based her lack of fashion sense , her braces and being slight naive and her culture. Based on the show it’s was trying to reach the Latino community and have Latino representation.

As times goes by in both adaptations Betty and Daniel became both close friends and they help each in their personal and professional lives.

In yo soy Betty la fea, Betty the economic genius, who is love with Armando, get bullied because her appearance, naive. the plot has 3 movements. Armando’s foolish destruction of Eco Moda, 2) Betty’s flight from the disgrace and her vacation in Cartagena where she undergoes an emotional and physical transformation, and 3) Betty’s return to Eco Moda, where she is installed as new president.

As watching both Adaptations I ask myself : Looks matter?

Both Betty’s have odd fashion sense and their quirky personalities but they are both smart. The American version, Betty studied to be an editor, the Colombian version she studied to be an economist. They both have have been bullied and laughed at. Yet over time, they have shown they are smart and loyal women and deserve to be respected.

The halo effect

The term “halo” is used in analogy with the religious concept: a glowing circle that can be seen floating above the heads of saints in countless medieval and Renaissance paintings. The saint’s face seems bathed in heavenly light from his or her halo. Thus, by seeing that somebody was painted with a halo, you can tell that this must have been a good and worthy person. In other words, you’re transferring your judgment from one easily observed characteristic of the person (painted with a halo) to a judgment of that person’s character.

But looks don’t matter.

They open doors. They don’t keep you in the room.

Good looking people get cheated , fired and bullied and even be more lonelier.

Pretty privilege

Yes, this society is shallow yet we’re visual human beings we like to see pretty , cute and clean things . This society think’s attractiveness get everything but we get lonelier because we bullied because our looks because jealousy. We still get cheated on.

Miley Cyrus got cheated. shakira was cheated by pique. Being attractive open doors , yet if you have a shallow attitude or dumb not everyone will give you a pass


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