How Dating Apps Affect us

Nowadays it’s easy to find and get everything we want and need We deliver foods , we shop oniline and we find a partner online. Thus Tinder and dating apps is hardly original back in the 1980s telephone bars, in that phone flirting precedes face-to-face interaction.

Here are three different dating types:

The OG of dating websites/app

The dating/ hookup apps

Meeting organically online websites

This is where you’re not actively seeking out a relationship or a random hookup you’re just using the internet and seeing what’s out there. You can meet anyone anywhere like Instagram and tumblr.

Monthly active users

Dating apps have given us to many options that it has killed the college and dating scene because it’s so easy to swipe left and right on a seemingly endless pile of partners, it’s harder to meet someone. It has gotten us spoiled for when it has gotten us to seeking a relationship. But today, sometimes people go on dating to finds friends from all over the world but also it depends on demographics on the way people behave. For example, back in the day, it used to be more common for people to stay in their hometown maybe you would marry your high school sweetheart at 18 and have a bunch of kids. That very uncommon today with a lot more people moving away from college and then moving to a big city you end up in a new place where you don’t know anybody You may not even have any mutual friends, how the heck are you going to meet people THE INTERNET BABY!! ❤✌💋

Why does people use dating app

Well, first of all, we are lonely and shy, and we don’t have the same social infrastructure that people used to and this applies to everything by making friends and trying to find a partner. I think people are more accessible online than in person so its the easiest way for us to do this.

Photos and Profiles

The problem with these apps is that they focus only on an aspect which is how we look. and it not only that it how we look at a photo. In an ideal world, we would hope that most people would pick the best of the most accurate photo of themselves but we don’t live an ideal world there are people literally posting 20-year-old photo of themselves, pretending that what they look like today.

Dating apps gives us *to many* options

At first, it’s amazing and exhilibrating but as you continue you get a little numb to it, you get bored. if you were in a bar, you would have an infinite number of people that you could say hi to but on dating apps it limitless you could sit on the day and swipe left and right and all night long.

How does dating app affect our self-esteem

I think if your getting a lot matches, a lot of complications and messages obvisously that a gonna be an ego-bost and it may, temporaily, lift your self-esteem. If your not getting many matches, not many replies, that could hurt your self-esteem.

And my last suggestion which may be…difficult is to maybe TRY and to meet people in person, just somehow not nesccarliy, but just like, chat up the local cutie in you coffee shop even if you are saying, ”Hey I like your shirt!”, it helps! it may help you gain confidence and remind yourself that you need to people in person.


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29 thoughts on “How Dating Apps Affect us

  1. I haven’t dated dated for years now being in a relationship. We do go on dates together but it is not the same as dating period for sure.

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  2. Thank you for a great post … the dating scene is so long gone for me and to be honest I am just glad … everything seems disposable and it looks like there is no room for long term relationships

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  3. I have watched so many videos about how Tinder works and most of them lose their self esteem on it but still they say that, we all have different situations. There are still success stories from it.

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  4. Dating apps can definitely effect one’s self esteem. Though I’ve had friends who don’t care at all about whether or not they match with attractive potential partners on these apps, I’ve had other friends feel completely crushed when they don’t reach a satisfactory number (whatever that is to them) of matches.

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  5. I’ve also known someone consumed by these apps and sometimes it worked out but other times it didn’t. I still think people need to venture out and meet people at local places and not just dating apps.

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  6. This is interesting! I wanna add one more thing, people use dating apps because we’re becoming less and less secluded and using these apps is so convenient. I am not against using the apps at all, quite the contrary but people should also be open to the traditional way of meeting partners.

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  7. Indeed, dating apps are all over the internet and is getting popular even in more conservative places. There are the pros and cons and so one has to tread carefully and know where to draw the line before they get too close with strangers.

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  8. So many people are dating online and meeting. I think it’s very scary. I have one friend who did it and is very happy to the man she married that she met online.

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  9. I was just talking about this tonight with a friend. The world of online has changed the way we behave and how we treat people. It’s so sad it does this to us but true, unfortunately. Meeting in person would be better because then you wouldn’t behave in the same way. And you wouldn’t always be on the lookout for something more.

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  10. I haven’t heard of any of these apps. When I was younger, everyone went on match and it was still kind of taboo. I have to imagine that it is hard to meet people these days.

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