My Spotify playlist 2018

My 2018 spoitify playlist are the songs that I loved the most this year.  #1 Everlong -Foo Fighters This year I stopped listening to that modern pop crap. I got into rock and alternative. Once I started listening Foo Fighters I instantly started liking their songs and only to found out that the lead singer ofContinue reading “My Spotify playlist 2018”

Music playlist post: Part 1

My favorite alternative songs Under the bridge by the Red hot chili peppers Under the bridge \ Californication- Red hot chili peppers Californication Snow (hey oh)- red hot chili peppers Snow ( hey oh)\ Zephyr song – Red hot chili peppers-zephyr song Desecration smile- red hot chili peppers- descration smile The zombie- the cranberries  zombie Everlong- foo fighters everlong walk-Continue reading “Music playlist post: Part 1”

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