The History Of Valentine’s Day

February is a long month of romance. We have, time and time again,heard the name St. Valentine being uttered before us in this season of love. But, who is saint valentine? Why is this month associated with love and romance? The origin of this lovers day goes back as early as 270 A.D and started... Continue Reading →


Loving Yourself On Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. It's not even valentine's day yet but we're already seeing pink and red Valentine's day stuff at every store we go to. Is there any day that serves to remind single people just how single they are quite like Valentine's Day? The answer is no. There absolutely is... Continue Reading →

Women That Changed The World. Part 1

There are many women that changed the world and they came from different backgrounds. Inevitably, an important thread running through this post is women struggle to make thier voices heard in what was, essentially, a man's world. For them to achieve what they did, they first had to fight the limitations imposed on them by... Continue Reading →

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