Everyone Deserves A Little Help

Dear WordPress, On 2017 My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, She went thru radiation and complications with that treatment after she had a double mastectomy. Last year after retuning to work my mother got injured at her job and have to change the type of work she usually does but then this year she got laid off. She is continuosly looking for work and had already 5 interviews. she has more interviews coming week. My created this Gofundme page 2 months because she was diagnosed with Bell’s Pasly on november and she still getting working on that and this is taken time. My mom needs a little help because all her savings are gone.


My mom would like to raise 2,000-5,000 until she finds a job. Anything helps!

Sincerely, Curlyhairgurlwithablog


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  1. bibliogyan says:

    My prayers are with your mom 💜

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  2. Sophia Ismaa says:

    I am literally so broke right now, but I’ll send some prayers. 💖

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