Book Review: Memoirs of a Geisha

    This was a good book i read in a while. The book is 
Very detailed, so much so that I felt that I was shadowing a Geisha and entertaining in tea houses. I could smell the fish, feel the water and even feel the silk of the Kimono’s.

I really enjoyed most of “Memoirs”, especially the detail of the ritual and rules and regulations of geisha life. The picture I had of geishas before reading this book was very vague, but now my understanding is much better. For most of the book, I found the story very engaging, even with lots of desciptive detail. This book made me feel like i was in japn and i felt like i was the character myself. 

I would rate this book 4 stars and I would recommend this book. 
A must read. This is one of the classics books that everyone absolutely has to read once in their life.

What I’m reading now. 

Cant wait to share with you guys!! 


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