My Spotify playlist 2018

My 2018 spoitify playlist are the songs that I loved the most this year. 

#1 Everlong -Foo Fighters

This year I stopped listening to that modern pop crap. I got into rock and alternative. Once I started listening Foo Fighters I instantly started liking their songs and only to found out that the lead singer of Foo Fighters used to be the drummer of Nirvanna I became a big fan of Dave Grohl because he sure  is a talented guy. He was the drummer of one of the biggest bands in the world that changed the WHOLE Music industry and later to become the lead singer of a successful band. 

Okay  OKAY, not that I’ve been listening on spoitfy but also  youtube and ive been playing this song nonstop. I will  BE blasting this song when DONALD TRUMP GETS ARRESTED. I THIS SHOULD BE NUMBERO UNO

#2 Mariah Carey – We belong together

#3 Humble- Kendrick Lamar 

#4 Dark Nessities- Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers is the band that I listened the most this year in 2018.

#5 Californacation- Red Hot Chili Pepers 

According to Spotify, Califorcation is the first song that  I listen to in 2018. 

#6 Hero-Foo Fighters 

#7 Cardi B- I Like it

I’m not a big fan of cardi b but this is one my favorite songs. 

#8 Juanes- 
A Dios Le Pido

#9- Whole lotta Love

#9 Nirvanna- Heart-Shaped box

#10-latin brothers-las caleñas son como las flores

I heard this on ” Part’s Unknown” on CNN  with Anthony Bourdain when he went to Colombia. 

#12- LANA DEL RAY- young beauiful 

#13 Swmrs- Lose it

This is my spoitify playlist 2018. Comment below to share your playlist. 



  1. I LOVE Cardi 😝 (that emoji is the personification of Cardi) and gotta love Lana as well… I haven’t heard any of her songs or Kendrick Lamar’s, but Humble seems like the place to start. We Belong Together will always be a classic.


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